As a leading Google ranked agency, delivering strong and sustained organic presences, we know how important it is for you to make the best choice of SEO Sydney company. Making a poor selection, often for the wrong reasons, can have serious negative implications for your business or organisation’s online presence. Problems such as a decrease in Google ranking can be calamitous. Should this occur, it will certainly take a great effort, and a considerable period of time, simply to return to a previous level.

However, here at TopRankings, we know that by forging a positive partnership with a leading SEO company in Sydney, terrific opportunities can be seized. Sales can be gained, wasteful advertising spending be addressed, and a powerful and enduring presence be established for your business or organisation.

So, the key question to be addressed is surely this: how to make the best SEO Agency choice? How to be sure that the search engine optimisation company is a match for your business ethics and ambitions. We believe our own TopRankings superb Google Rating results offer a clear and sustained performance marker. Backing up this level of satisfaction, here is our introduction to how your company can benefit when working with our passionate, dedicated and talented team…

Key reasons for working with our SEO agency Sydney

Any agency you approach will obviously tell you they are the best. However, talk is cheap (except when you are paying for empty words). The key is found in the facts that back up any claims; an area where our talented team certainly walks the walk. If you are searching for a company to deliver sustained results, then here are four starting points about TopRankings for you to consider:

  • We are successful in delivering for ourselves what we strive to achieve for others. We dominate page #1 of Google as it ranks TopRankings as a top SEO agency for search phrases such as ‘SEO Agency ’ or ‘SEO Company’ as well as a raft of other key phrases
  • We focus on the deliverance of white hat SEO performance. Many others in this field have managed to fall to a much lower ranking by using regularly exposed and unacceptable black hat link-building techniques
  • TopRankings have been proven SEO and Adwords specialists for well over a decade; and we continue to focus on building and maintaining our reputation by constantly delivering exactly what we are so good at
  • Loyal clients – our honest attitude, matched to strong and sustained performance, sees us enjoy long-lasting business relationships in an industry where this is often not the norm

As a top SEO company in Sydney we
never offer empty guarantees

Others tell you how, within a couple of months, they’ll be able to guarantee certain results regarding your ranking. The truth is this: only Google (and other search engine organisations) knows the factors that will see your web domain ranked higher than your key competitors. So, misleading guarantees, high pressure sales tactics, and empty statements, simply have no place in our business ethic.

Companies who insist that they can deliver stellar results may often seek to confuse you with jargon-rich claims. Some also use black hat strategies – and these are avidly sought out by Google and others. If such unethical methods are discovered to be in play, then the company whose website has sinned can be hit with heavy penalties; a severe setback in any attempt to gain prominence through their search engine activities.

We maintain our standard of ethical behaviour and work with key companies who make the same commitment. Our conversations are frank and honest; we provide advice based on proven principles and previously successful actions. This involves an assessment of a website’s current performance, a study of the activities of key competitors, and a thorough health check of that web presence.

Taking a common sense approach to growth

Frankly, our TopRankings SEO Sydney team are reluctant to call themselves consultants. This suggests a ‘come in, look round, make suggestions, then leave’ strategy. Instead, our aim is to build enduring partnerships with our clients – far removed from those who offer barely credible and frankly unsustainable quick fixes.

We don’t look to restrict your SEO efforts with strictly limited keywords packages earning us impressive commissions! Failing to continuously target the right words and phrases can significantly affect your success. By favouring a fixed monthly investment approach, we work with you to develop an unlimited keywords campaign. This allows us to keep targeting relevant keywords and make amendments and additions as they become necessary. In this way, your business can grow, and optimisation goals can be set, actioned, and achieved. Such custom-crafted strategies truly put our clients front and centre of all we do.

TopRankings SEO Sydney – a match of professionalism and integrity

Many SEO companies employ a team simply to sell off-the-shelf packages But what works for finance or real estate operations is obviously quite different from the needs of trade services, builders or renovators. The same is true across the spectrum of business areas that our clients cover. SEO companies whose goal is simply to hit their own sales targets fail to develop a deep commitment which would help you to achieve your targets and key business goals.

Our advice is always honest and strategically focused. We will assess your website and its current optimisation performance. From this we can construct an effective action plan. If substantial changes are to be made, our sister company – Digital Rescue – provides its expertise and professionally delivers the necessary level of redesign.

At TopRankings we make this commitment: our success is judged by your success, not by what we can sell you!

One key why we are so good at what we do

Some businesses or organisations simply sign up with a full service agency – one that offers a wide remit (including social media management). This appears a convenient solution – but binds that company to each aspect of the service. It’s a fact of life that some areas won’t reach the highest level of performance; and the agency may arbitrarily decide where and how the client’s budget will be spent. This strategy is one way to hide unacceptable performance in certain key aspects within that larger package.

This simply can’t happen when you work with our TopRankings experts. Because each digital marketing channel needs its own expertise, our team focuses only in achieving the finest ROI from SEO and Adwords channels. This means that our clients can gain maximum benefit from our specialism as a SEO company for Sydney and beyond.

Focusing on bespoke campaigns

We focus closely on our clients’ needs. Our key people are personally committed to the success of the campaigns we craft for our clients. Huge SEO companies, with hundreds of diverse businesses, and no intimate client contact, often use generic, and loosely focused, checklists as part of their operation. This is likely to be as successful as a tailor who only sells a single one-size-fits-all suit!

We choose our clients as much as they choose us. We screen all requests, working to strict criteria concerning SEO technical qualification and our unique benchmarking process. Understanding their needs and expectations, we never take on tasks we can’t achieve. Our clients are more than numbers on a spreadsheet; each is a close partner, hugely valued; and each campaign is a bespoke needs-based and deeply-crafted creation.

Our SEO company experts in Sydney
are skilled and constant communicators

Like seeing a different doctor on every visit to your local health centre, dealing with an ever-changing series of account managers is both time-consuming and irritating. You have to repeatedly provide information, or answer questions you’ve already responded to frequently in the past. Frustration builds, satisfaction reduces.

Our TopRankings aim is to have our SEO team know your business intimately. With a commitment to centralised communications, our team can know your operation and its needs, quickly understanding and responding to your concerns. Your time is as precious as our own – so we aim to waste neither!

Preparing to choose your SEO company in Sydney

If you were to use a search engine to find an SEO company, you’d quickly discover a world of possibilities. Just as when your own potential customers are undertaking such a course of action, the key question is: how to make the best choice? Making a poor selection can cause a lot of angst, so here are some key steps our TopRankings team would be happy for you to follow should you be considering our agency…

    • Set specific SEO goals

If this were simply to ‘increase organic traffic’ it would be impossible to actually judge either the promises made or performance delivered. For starters, increasing traffic doesn’t automatically lead to a substantial revenue increase – in fact, reaching the wrong prospects can even lead to harmful consequences.

Take time, within your own organisation, to assess exactly what you wish SEO to achieve, in terms of conversion rate, reduced bounce, specific product or services to be promoted, and keywords to be ranked. With this information you can then judge how any potential partner would deliver the results you require. We assess the competition level across potential clients’ industry or marketplace, analyse the SEO history, and understand the level of effort needed to deliver a sustained SEO performance.

    • Treat jargon-laden pitches with caution

Every business has this ‘private language’ and it’s often used to try and impress rather than explain. It’s true that optimising a web presence to achieve better search engine visibility is a complex task. It’s also true that it can be clearly explained – it’s neither mystical nor magical – it’s hard work undertaken by experts with a deep understanding of search engine algorithms. But you don’t need to be that expert to appreciate the results-gaining process!

    • Knowing the metrics that matter

It’s essential to be able to assess the progress of any keywords campaign. Setting effective and achievable KPI (Key Performance Indicators) puts you and your agency on the same track. You should expect them to provide raw SEO data as well as key metric summaries, allowing you to choose how involved in the analysis you wish to be.

Key Performance Indicators that should be kept front-of-mind cover the following

    • Organic Sessions measures the basic response, and is recognised as the most basic yet most important of SEO factors to consider – the number of people who visit a website as a direct result of an organic search
    • The percentage of site visitors who take the action you want. This Conversion Rate might cover sales, enquiries, sign-ups to newsletters, requests for brochures – in fact, any of a variety of responses you might be eager to gain
    • The Page Load Time – as this has a key correlation to the bounce rate of how quickly visitors choose to leave your domain after arrival. This is one hugely frustrating way that potential customers are lost before you even have a chance to convince them!
    • Keyword Rankings offers evidence of the response to your target keywords – and demonstrates how this ranking has increased after the optimisation process
Understanding that SEO Sydney actions
are achieved through a long-term investment

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process rather than a single and finite action It requires a long-term business relationship to gain organic website traffic and the setting and attaining of a range of SEO goals. This is why so many of our relationships have endured, working with highly respected names and brands across a wide aspect of business areas. And, dealing with Google Ads budgets often in excess of $50,000 per month, we manage a campaign to deliver a qualified traffic stream of potential customers, at the lowest possible cost per click.

This long-term nature makes the choosing of a specialist and highly qualified partner a vital, thoughtful, considered act. Make a wise choice and your business or organisation can be transformed. Our TopRankings SEO in Sydney Services Team is part of a proven and accountable company. As such we would appreciate the opportunity to find out about your requirements and then show you how we have succeeded with so many brilliant partners – and aim to work in a rewarding partnership with you…